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How to bid

1. Login/ Register

Fill in your username and password.
You will find the login screen on top on the right side of the page.
If this is your first visit to this site, you will have to register first.

After logging in succesfully, you will see an extra component "my favorites" in the navigation bar. Later on, you can manage all your biddings here.

2. Choose an auction

You can find an overview of all current and future auctions under “online auctions”.

In the right column, you can see the status of the auction and de commencing and closing date.

3. Choose your products

Add the products you wish to bin on to “my favorites” using this button

You can choose several products from several auctions
Add the products you want to “My favorites”

4. Manage your products

You can get an overview of your products under “my favorites”
Here, you can set and control your biddings.

5. My Favorites

Your products will be split into 3 categories.

  • - Chosen products where your did not place a bid yet
  • - Products where you have placed the highest bid
  • - Products where you have been outbid

6. Bidding details

Photograph product
Description product and extra information
Highets bid for this product
Time left for bidding on this product
Pictogram highest bidder
Pictogram which allows you to remove this product form your favorites
Keep in mind that you can only bid on a product which is listed in "my favorites"
Minimum bid : if you wish, you can place a higher bid
Click this button to bid

You get a confirmation of your bid

7. Outbid

If your bid, has been outbid, it appears on top of "my favorites".
Here you can bid again.

With some auctions, you can establish an autobid.
This autobid allows you to bid to a maximum preset bid.

Fill in the maximum amount you wish to bid
Click on this button to activate your autobid

8. Bids won

You receive an e-mail at the end of the auction if you have placed the highest bid.
You can consult your winning bids under the button "lots bought".

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